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Your Money Story

Let’s Change How You Feel About Money

Money is at the heart of so many of the decisions we make. Yet, so many of us feel we have little or no financial power. It’s not our fault. Money isn’t easy to talk about. I can make us feel guilty, judged and misunderstood. And it can tear families and relationships apart.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Money can be a source of opportunities, generosity and tonnes of fun. To change your relationship with money, it helps if you know first know your unique money personality.

What money blocks do you have?

… I’ll never earn a six-figure income
… I know that money corrupts people
… how could I ever make more money because I’m already working as hard as I can

Did you know that you CAN get rid of money beliefs like these and press reset for a fresh money story, starting today?

I did just that a few years ago once I identified how my unique personality was driving my negative money stories. When I discovered my dominating money archetypes, I learned how to transform money from my enemy into my sacred ally.


So, What’s a Unique Money Personality?

When you learn how to consciously work with your challenges through the lens of your own unique archetype combo you start creating synchronicities, you tap into your intuition, you learn to play to YOUR strengths and life becomes easier and more pleasant.

Your Authentic Self

Knowing your own unique Sacred Money Archetype combo empowers you to step into your authentic self. To stop trying to do or be someone you aren’t.

Ditch the blame

Knowing your Sacred Money Archetype helps you ditch the blame, shame, guilt and excuses surrounding money.

Patterns of Power

Archetypes are patterns of power that come with a set of stories, beliefs, motivation, courage, and fear.

Universal Characteristics

Archetypes share universal characteristics and everyone can relate to it across cultures, not just actions but both energetically and spiritually.

Who you are at your best

Each archetype has a nickname, the Romantic, Alchemist, Nurturer. This is YOU at your best when you are moving freely and thriving, and making choices aligned with your own archetypes.

Light and Dark

Each archetype has strengths and weaknesses - or a shadow side. It’s you at your best and most challenged.