Elevate Your Money Story

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Here’s a reminder of what the programme covers…

This is an in-depth and practical training that will show you how to “crack the code” of YOUR own unique money personality.

Inside this live, 4 weeks coaching program…

  • You’ll discover the strengths and challenges with money that are unique to YOU
  • You’ll get a profound understanding of your Top 3 Archetypes AND also the Archetypes of your partner/ your clients/ colleagues (not only it will help you communicate effortlessly but you’ll also be able to influence others in such a positive, healthy way when it comes to money).
  • You’ll get the complete set of Archetype cards, for not just your primary Archetype, but ALL the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes® (you will find there +20 power words for EACH archetype that you can easily incorporate into your own marketing/ branding as a way to market yourself, use them in creating your own content and attract ideal clients that “speak” your money language)
  • You’ll get action steps and practical assignments each week, designed to help you immediately apply what you are discovering so you begin to see real change in your day-to-day life. Yay!!
  • You will get everything you need, not only to have a complete money-breakthrough but to start transforming your relationship with money. For good!

What’s my investment for this programme?

When you join today as part of the BETA group, your investment is only €197 or 2 payments of €99. The next group programme will cost €397.

I want to test out this particular format of teaching this topic, live, across 4 weeks. This way you’ll get exclusive access to this deep, transformational work in a format that’s easy, actionable and affordable.

Working with the Money Archetypes is a methodology that has been tried-and-tested in the past 20 years and has helped 10,000+ people empower themselves and create new money stories for them and the generations to come. (just think how cool it would be for kids to grow up around adults who model healthy money behaviours & what impact can they have on the world as they mature, mind-blowing right?!).

SUPER important: The special discount is ONLY available until 9pm CET on Sunday, 9th May.