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Im here today to de-mystify some words/ jargon mostly I have been generously using lately and especially here on this website but with little context this time. So, with no further a-due here we go:


Answer: A “money story” is what your mind unconsciously believes to be TRUE about money. This can be both positive and negative. (in the work that I do I help you identify the negative ones and replace/ create new positive beliefs that support your authentic, healthy financial growth).

Question: How do we get one of these “stories”?! (we all have them, only in different versions)

Answer: Growing up as a child (0-7 years old is the “imprint” period where we literally take everything in that’s going on around us with no filter whatsoever) you hear your primary caregivers/ parents/ grandparents/ educators etc making statements about money which to your sponge-like-developing-young-brain with no critical thinking at that time sounded as “absolute truths”.

These beliefs instantly get ‘adopted” and we use them as guiding principles (until we consciously make a decision to challenge them/ eventually change them. These beliefs are what drives us when making financial decisions big or small and are reflected by statements such as “money is evil”, “you can’t have money and love”, “rich people are a$$h*les”, “you have to work hard for the money”, etc. Does this ring a bell?!

Question: How do YOU know which “stories” are still making important decisions for you even as we speak?!

Answer: You can take a quiz here !!! Like, go now and TAKE THE QUIZ here -> and find out which of these “stories” still hold true for you!

Question: what did YOU hear mostly or what do you remember now as an adult hearing about money while you were growing up? Drop me a line in the comments and lets get the conversation started

I’ll start: I grew up hearing “where is the money?/ show me the money?!” (implying that money were spent and at that time there was NO money left at all). Now, I grew up rebelling (what else?! :-)) I have Maverick as one of my top 3 money archetypes; you too can take the quiz here and find out what are your top 3 money archetypes.

And in my rebellion, I created a new belief which sounds like “there is ALWAYS more money” (which is the Romantic’s mantra, and one of my “super-powers” believing that there will always BE more).

Now, what do you do when you believe there is always more?! You spend the heck out of it because “there is always more money”! And if you do that repeatedly, guess what happens? You will eventually end up shouting “where is the money?! show my the money”. (full circle here).

This is a quick example from my own journey to a healthy relationship with money to give you an idea how our mind works! 😘 Hope you found it useful xx

Ileana Bumbulici

I help nurtures, connectors & creatives change the way they FEEL about money in a way that feels like fun & play.

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